Pale ale

Lervig Idaho Picnic

11,60 лв

Pale Аle - 5.8 % - 500 ml

Data sheet

Bottle volume 0,5
Styles Pale Аle
Sweetness 2
Bitterness 3
Body 3
Carbonisation 3
Alcohol 5.8
Color 1

More info

Idaho 7 is our favourite new hop because they’re piney, tropical, fruity, citrusy, earthy, and floral all at once. How can you beat that? By combining it with Loral hops - the newest “hot hop” that is bursting with lemon-citrus and dark fruit character. On top of that, we used Cryo Loral, which are specially processed with liquid nitrogen to separate the lupulin glands from the rest of the hop plant to give more of that sweet hop nectar. We brewed them up with Golden Promise malt, chewy oats, and smooth wheat to give a luscious mouthfeel and body to accentuate these special hops.

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